A great picture deserves to be prominently displayed. The best mounting choice for each photo depends on the importance of the photo, how it is printed, and the desired display options. Knowing the different techniques – and understanding their pros and cons – will give you more options when you want to mount your work for display.



Canvas stretching gives clean lines and fits in well to any space. There are various thicknesses that range from 1.5 cm. With bigger canvases it is important to insert a stabilising bar to keep the canvas from warping.



Block mounting

To give a clean simple finish without a fussy frame,  when printing on paper, block mounting can work well. However without glass this will not offer longevity.


We love the look of a gallery frame.  The frame itself is made from wood and painted either black or white.  The depth of the frame is 35mm and the images is recessed in the frame 25mm from the front piece of glass.




Create completely unique lampshades using one of your images. Ensure the image allows enough light through it, and the join where the two ends meet must ensure a seamless finish. When they get made up they are lined with a tube of plastic to ensure that the canvas is not affected by the heat and light. Shapes and sizes can be custom made to order.