Epson offers some great paper options.

When getting a print, you are presented with all sorts of different paper finishes such as matte papers, lustre papers and even canvas prints.  Deciding on which finish to go for can be a tricky decision.


Matte paper

Matte paper is great if you require a print that does not produce and glare from it’s shiny surface.  The only thing to remember is that a print on a matte paper can appear to be dull and will lack the dynamic range or contrast that you get from a glossy paper.  We stock two matte papers, Epson’s Enhanced Matte paper, and Hanemuhle’s Photo Rag 308.


Glossy paper

The problem with a glossy paper is that suface is very shiny which means your print will suffer from glare, as well as smudges and fingerprints if handled incorrectly.  The upside with a glossy paper is you get very good contrast or dynamic range.


Lustre paper

Lustre or semi-gloss papers are a good middle ground between a matte paper and a glossy paper.  These papers offer good contrast or dynamic range, but only suffer from minimal glare and not many smudges or fingerprints if handled incorrectly.   We stock Epson’s Premium Lustre Photo Paper.